Apart from a whistle blowing incident at work that crashed through the official secret act and got me on to the front page of the Observer, my working life has been too dull to mention. Now I’ve become obsessed about my craft, writing moves me in that extreme way that excites the young. It heightens the emotions, keeps me awake at night and when I eventually sleep, it bursts into my dreams and wakes me up. All of my titles concern themselves with the politics of relationships, anything from the dynamics of children running wild in the playground to the more perfidious aspects of adult liaisons. I’m especially drawn to the darkly illicit world of lovers, hypocrites and gossips. I occasionally dwell in the mind of the more extreme, the corrupt, the violent and even the homicidal. I write books that explore relationships, dark, erotic, suspenseful and perfect reading for night owls.


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Salt of Their Blood     4 Bones Sleeping   Small Town Nocturne Letters From A Dark Heart Beneath The Drowning Pool